Enabling Javadoc Docs for iOS API in IDEs

Intellij IDEA

  1. Open the Project Structure dialog.
  2. Under Project Settings, select the Modules tab and click your module.
  1. Select moe-ios.jar from dependencies list and click on Edit button:
  1. In the edit dialog click on Plus button and select moe-ios-javadoc.jar:
../../../_images/idea_3.png ../../../_images/idea_4.png
  1. Close all dialogs by clicking OK button. Open editor, set cursor on any iOS class name and press Ctrl+J.

Android Studio

  1. Select the Project view for your project structure and expand External Library for the Multi-OS Engine module. Select the moe-ios library and open Library Properties in the context menu.
  1. Select + and select moe-ios-javadoc.jar to add.
  1. Close all dialogs by clicking the OK button. Open the editor, set the cursor on an iOS class name and press Ctrl+J to see the class documentation.