Using Third Party Native Libraries for iOS*

Intel’s Multi-OS Engine Technology Preview provides the WrapNatJGen tool, which can help you efficiently use native methods in your Java*-based applications. With WrapNatJGen, you can:

  • Generate Java* bindings for selected native header files.
  • Generate JAR files that include precompiled Java bindings for frameworks or libraries, as well as additional resources or linker flags if required.
  • Generate JAR files based on CocoaPods* specs.

You can reuse the generated JAR files in different projects on different systems. You just need to link the JAR file to the Multi-OS Engine module in Android* Studio when building your application. Once compiled, the JAR content gets copied into the final application file.

WrapNatJGen is a wrapper around a low-level NatJGen tool that generates bindings from the selected header files using NatJ run-time libraries. You can choose to work with WrapNatJGen from the command-line interface, or use Multi-OS Engine context menus integrated into the Android Studio GUI.

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