Creating Webview using Intel’s Multi-OS Engine


UI Designer was removed in Multi-OS Engine 1.2.0. This document page is outdated and will be re-written in the future.

One of the new features introduced with Intel’s Multi-OS Engine Technical Preview is UIWebView. You can use this WebView to display online web sites as well as local html files.

This tutorial shows a very simple example of how to create a UIWebView with the Intel’s Multi-OS Engine Technical Preview on an Apple macOS development system.

  1. Within your Multi-OS Engine module, open the sample_design.ixml (UI designer) under resources/layout/sample_design.ixml.
  1. Drag and drop the uiwebview component from the palette into the designer.
  1. You can set the parameters related to the UI in properties tab. You can name the IBOutlet associated with the WebView here.
  1. Open AppViewController and add the class variables associated to the WebView and assign them their corresponding IBOutlets.
  1. The Multi-OS Engine automatically generates all the IBOutlets in the corresponding Java* AppViewController class.
  1. Add the following code snippet in the viewDidLoad method.
String urlString = "";
NSURL url = NSURL.URLWithString(urlString);
NSURLRequest nsurlRequest = NSURLRequest.requestWithURL(url);
  1. Build and run the application. You should see the content at our requested URL ( loaded into the UIWebView.